It doesnt matter how many times u have broken down..its how u stand up and move ahead

set yourself free ,release the hurt,release the fears,refuse to entertain your wounds.The energy it takes to hang onto the past is holding you back from a new life..
we all have been hurt once in a lifetime..You cannot be an adult or a teen alive today who has never experienced some kind of emotional trauma.
IT HURTS..and its totally convincing that letting things go which were at a time your so called “entire life”. is more than just difficult.
But what would you do next?
sit and ruminate about the past that hurt u, lowered down your confidence .and instead of growing taller and higher u sink down gradually with the blame of some incidence or something which shouldn’t have happened according to you.
or the second option which generally we do not opt for is be a active liver of a beautiful and a life full of enthusiasm .
all your feelings at that moment are legitimate..its important to analyze the negative effects of mulling over the same story over and over doesn’t make the situation right by thinking over your past again it just makes it worse..

Things do not disappear on their strong TO LET IT GO..Express and empty out your heart to someone, it will make u feel better because keeping things inside can make it worse than u thought.
Stop acting like you are a victim.,and do not blame anyone for your state. Do not run from anything face it with a smile because if u learn to smile during the worst phases of life nothing in life could break you again and again.let the mistake happen only once and learn from it .FORGIVENESS is the key to forget the past and move ahead

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